Window Tint For Light Sensitivity Aid and Skin Cancer Prevention

Window Tint For Light Sensitivity Aid and Skin Cancer Prevention

Did you know you can get skin damage while driving in the car? Most people don’t realize it but they are inadvertently exposing themselves and their kids while they are driving.

It all has to do with the two main types of ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. UVB and UVA rays can both greatly damage the surface of your skin, even from brief exposures. UVB rays are the ones that cause sunburn. UVA rays cause more damage to the skin like aging and wrinkles.  

While glass blocks UVB rays pretty well, it doesn’t block UVA rays. Newer windshields are treated to shield drivers from some UVA rays, however side, back, and sunroof windows are usually not. 

There is an increasing rise on the left side of consumer’s faces suffering from facial skin damage due to the amount of driving they are doing on a daily basis. The more you drive and are in a car, the more you can expose yourself to the harmful damages of UV rays which cause wrinkling, aging, and ultimately skin cancer. 

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, “One out of five Americans will develop Skin Cancer by age 70 and “more than two people die from skin cancer in the U.S. every hour.”

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends window film capable of blocking 99 percent of UV radiation as an effective solution for sun protection that is often underused via

One of the best and most economical ways to protect yourself and your family from the harmful UVA rays is with MotoShield Pro Nano Ceramic Tint. Our window tint film for cars blocks 99% of UV rays and rejects up to 99% of infrared radiation rays which cause that heat sensation that warms up our skin. 

So not only will you be able to effectively block UV rays from entering your car, you can also help reduce the hot infrared rays from also increasing the temperature in the interior of your automobile. This is what makes MotoShield Pro Nano Ceramic Tint different from other window tint films on the market. Metallized, dyed, hybrid, and even carbon films do not offer full solar protection like MotoShield Pro window tint films.

Our Nano Ceramic Tint is also a good protective solution for people with severe sensitive skin conditions or photosensitivity from their eyes. Darker window tinting on your car can certainly help aid these conditions. If you are looking to pursue medical window tint to make your vehicle safer, you must have a waiver and proper authorization requires a physician’s signed statement. 

If you are looking to protect yourself and your passengers from UV damage on the road, apply Nano Ceramic Tint to all your vehicle’s windows.You will not only help improve photosensitivity and aid in the prevention of skin cancer, but you will also drastically reduce that dreadful heat from the Sun. MotoShield Pro is highly reviewed and recommended by ForbesThe Drive, and Car and Driver, to be one of the best car window tints in the market. Shield yourself from the Sun with Nano Ceramic Tint by MotoShield Pro.  

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