Down & Never Dirty with MotoShield Pro and Jim Beaver

Down & Never Dirty with MotoShield Pro and Jim Beaver

May 29, 2018

Los Angeles, CA -  Getting down and dirty on the race track is all fun and games until it’s time to get the dirt off.  Pro Off-Road Racer Jim Beaver knows this all too well. MotoShieldPro announced today that it is partnering with the off-road legend in providing the ultimate nano-tech auto care for off-road fanatics, car enthusiasts, and race professionals everywhere.

It is undeniable that different terrains of the road world can take a big toll on vehicles especially with different types of weather conditions present on various tracks. Whether you are on off-road guy or simply love your car, you know how important it is in keeping it shielded from what life throws at it. 

With technology advancing more than ever, MotoShieldPro manufactures innovatively advanced auto care products utilizing nanotechnology.  “We’ve seen far too many teams in various racing series struggle and waste time/energy cleaning their vehicles after each run. We are pioneering nanotechnology into motorsports with a complete set of solutions to make teams faster, stay drier, see clearer, ease maintenance and prevent racing electronics/devices from humidity/moisture damage.” says Rick, CEO of MotoShieldPro. 

The company expects the partnership to be a great platform in creating awareness for the new line of technology in auto care. “Partnering with Jim Beaver is a big win for our company.” Says Rick. “Our company and professional off-road sports go hand-in-hand and Jim is going to demonstrate just that.”

MotoShieldPro offers the most advanced nano-coatings and is the only professional grade race proven technology on the market.

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