PreCut Ceramic Tint FAQ

Q: How can I send my car info to you?

A: Please leave us a note with the Year, Make, Model and Shade during checkout. We

cannot ship your order without the required information.

Q: Is heat shrinking required?

A: Yes, heat shrinking is required prior to installing precut tint on your windows. This is

common with curved windows.

Q: Do you offer sunroof or sun strip?

A: No

Q: Can I return it because I don’t like the color/shade?

A: This is a precut order specifically for your car only, therefore we do not accept returns

unless there are defects/damages. Photos may be required to verify. The return item

must be in its original condition; otherwise full refund may not be available. Buyer pays

the return shipping.

Q: Can I return the item after I have peeled off/applied on my vehicle?

A: Once any film has been removed from the liner or any installation attempt has begun,

the return policy is voided. Full refund will be not available if the tint has been used.

Please return the item in its original condition.

Q: What shall I do if the tint is damaged when I receive it?

A: Film received damaged, or incorrect tint shades, must be reported before separating

any film from the liner. Photos may be required to verify. Once any film has been

removed from the liner or any installation attempt has begun the return policy is voided.

All window film is very delicate and must be handled with care.

Q: How can I tell if it is real nano ceramic tint?

A: Nano ceramic tint film is the highest quality of window tint film and the most

expensive. It contains neither metal, dye, or carbon, but instead a ceramic particle that

is both nonconductive and nonmetallic. The best way to tell if it is real nano ceramic tint

is to use a tint reader to check the UV and IR reduction. Real ceramic tint blocks up to

99% of UV and IR.

Q: How can I tell if I received the correct color/shade?

A: We have tint shade (VLT) available in 5%, 15%, 25%, 35%, 50% and 70%. Visible

light transmission (VLT) is calculated on the percentage of light that is visible through a

tinted glass. The best way to tell the VLT is to use a tint reader. Sometimes you can

even tell the color/shade by your experience if you are familiar with tint.

Q: What is the legal limit?

A: Please check your state laws. You can customize different shade on each window and

we will send the shade you request but we are not responsible for any consequences.

Q: What if there is no template available for my car?

A: Our computer cutting system has templates available for most models. In very few

cases when we do not have the template for your car, we will send you an uncut tint (big

enough to cover your window) upon your approval. You can also choose to cancel the

order and get a full refund before we cut anything for you.

Q: Do you have the template for Tesla Model X/Model 3 with panoramic roof?

A: Yes, we do have the template for Tesla Model X (one entire piece cover front

windshield and roof) and Tesla Model 3 (one entire piece cover rear glass and roof)

Please message us before placing an order on these two models ($30 more).

Q: Are there any instructions on how to install precut tint?

A: Yes. We also have an installation video on Youtube for you to learn how to install

precut tint. The installation instructions included with this kit must be explicitly followed

to avoid damaging the precut tint pattern. Not following the instructions will result in the

precut tint pattern tearing, creasing, bubbling, peeling, and/or scratching.

Q: Is it hard to install?

A: It is easier to install precut tint than regular tint rolls. Please take a look at our

installation video on Youtube “How To Install Pre Cut Tint – MotoShieldPro” Even

though you may install the tint by yourself, we still highly recommend you get your car

tinted by professional tint shops/installers. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY