Anti-Fog Faq's

Q: Is MotoShield Pro Anti-Fog safe? Will they harm or remove the anti-glare or tinting on my prescription lenses?

A: MotoShield Pro Anti-Fog will not harm or remove the anti-glare, tinting or polarized coatings from visors, fine optics or prescription lenses. It will not scratch or harm glass, plastics or your fine optics.

Q: Can I use MotoShield Pro Anti-Fog on my laptop, computer screen, television screen etc.?

A: Yes, MotoShield Pro Anti-Fog can be applied on computer and television screens, flat screens, touch screens, LCD screens, plasma screens or soft screens.

Q: How long will MotoShield Pro Anti-Fog last? How often should I reapply?

A: Any time you clean your glasses use MotoShield Pro Anti-Fog. Reapply when Anti-Fog is wearing off, usage and environment is dependant on how long it lasts.

Q: How many times can I apply and reapply?

A: MotoShield Pro Anti-Fog can be applied as many times as possible, for maximum effect we suggest 2 coatings.

Q: What if I touch or inhale MotoShield Pro Anti-Fog?

A: If MotoShield Pro is inhaled, just move to fresh air and breath normally. Seek medical advice if symptoms persist. In case of prolonged skin contact, just wash your skin with soap and cold water.

MotoShield Pro Application