Nano-Ceramic Paint Protectant FAQ

How quick is the coating process?

Each layer takes about 5 minutes for each panel to coat (hoods will take longer), we recommend at least 2 coatings.  

How do I prep my vehicle prior to coating it?  

Works best on brand new cars without swirl marks, if there are swirl marks on the vehicle those areas will need to machine polished.  Coating over imperfections will basically seal them and make them very difficult to remove in the future.   

How long will it take for my car to fully cure?

Curing time varies due to different temperatures and humidity. For temperatures above 77°F, allow 24-72 hours for full cure. If the temperature is below 77°F, allow 72-120 hours for full cure. Do not wash vehicle during cure time. You can speed up the curing process with infrared heat lamps like in a paint booth.

How long does it last?

It lasts up to 3 years.  Can’t be removed unless machine polished.  Cures like a sheet of glass.  

Will MotoShield Pro Paint Protectant prevent rock chips?

No, no coating can prevent rock chips however it will protect the paint from road rash caused by tiny sand fragments at high speed.

Does MSP enhance my car paint?

Yes, MotoShield Pro paint protectant enhances the color of your vehicle and leaves each car looking brand new. 

Can it be applied to chrome, vinyl, headlights, and carbon fiber?  

Yes, our coating is completely clear and can be applied to all parts of the vehicle. For headlights it will prevent oxidation.  Vinyl will remain looking new for up to 3 years without fading. For carbon fiber it will reduce yellowing, fading and oxidation.   

Can heat or frost harm my MotoShield Pro coating after it has cured?

No, MotoShield Pro paint protectant is extremely resistant to both low and high temperatures.

How are we different from the competition?  

Competitor products are resin based which is not designed for paint because it is too hard and will crack.   We are one of two companies in the world that is silica based which is less toxic and used a binder in foods.  It is much more flexible and will not crack. Resin based will takes at least 30 mins per panel while ours is only 5 min.  

Have you conducted any case studies?

We’ve had the hood under bird pen for 3 months in Los Angeles summer to prove that bird droppings will not etch through our coating.  The droppings easily rinsed off with a garden hose. Hard water stain can easily be wiped off without etching paint surface.  

Where is it being used?

Indy Car, F1, Nascar, Off-Road Racing Series, NHRA, IMSA – endurance racing series and sport car racing series.   Of course street cars, collision centers and auto detail centers.   

How do I save money using Motoshield Pro?

By applying our product, it eliminates the need for continuous waxing, washing, and auto maintenance cost.