Ceramic Wheel Protectant FAQ

How quick is the coating process?

Each layer takes about 5 minutes, we recommend at least 2 coatings. 

How do I prep my vehicle prior to coating it? 

Prior to coating your wheels, you must use our MSP degreaser to remove all dirt, dust, and grime.

How long will it take for my car to fully cure and how long does it last?

MotoShield Pro Wheel Protectant fully cures in 24 hours and can last up to 1 year.

Will MotoShield Pro Wheel Protectant prevent brake dust?

No, it will not prevent buildup of brake dust. However, it will make cleaning the brake dust and road grime immensely easier.

Does MSP enhance the look of my wheels?

Yes, MotoShield Pro wheel protectant enhances the color of your wheel by making it a brighter more vibrant color.

Can I use it on Powder Coat or Plastidip wheels?

Yes, you can apply MotoShield Pro Wheel Protectant on any painted/coated/anodized surface.

What vehicles can you use it on?

Trailers, trucks, motor bikes, off-road vehicles, bicycles, boat trailers, commercial vehicles, foreign/ domestic cars, and more.   

How do I save money using MotoShield Pro?

By applying our product, it eliminates the need for continuous auto maintenance cost. Simply use high pressure water to rinse off up to 90% of dirt, dust, and road grime.